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Soft 99 - Window Coating & compound (1 Year duration)

Image of Soft 99 - Window Coating & compound (1 Year duration)

Japan Soft 99 Window Coating and compound


Glaco Class Compound:
-Combining the abrasive powder of small, hard particles and big, soft particles.
-Remove the toughest stains made from oily dirt and fluorine film, water spots.
-Apply the product lightly onto the glass you will see immediate results as the roll-on removes the oil-film with ease. This convenient product can be used as surface preparation just before applying any coating to the glass.

Ultra Glaco Window coating:
-Maintains a strong coating which resists friction by wipers, dust, car-wash or cleansers, and lasts 6 times longer than conventional coating agents. The water repellency lasts up to 1 year. It can be applied to all windows including sun roof

Final results:
High glass windows like new car. When driving above 45km/h water droplets will slide away, when the car is stationary, water droplets will slide downwards.

Instruction (Please Read):
In order for the Ultra Glaco window coating to bond to the windows, it is required to use the compound to remove water spots, oil, dirt and other particles that could possibly affect the coating duration.

1. Wash the window with car soap
2. Dry* the windows after it has been cleaned
3. Shake the the Glaco compound then apply evenly with pressure onto the windows
4. Wash the compound away after the window has been polished
5. Dry the windows

6. Shake the Ultra Glaco coating bottle well with the cap on.
7. Apply it evenly on completely dry windows
8. After drying for 5-10 minutes, wipe it off with a dry, clean towel, afterward dry for more than 12 hours, in order to make the coating adhere firmly to the windows

*Windows must be dry while using Glaco Compound

One year

Glaco Compound + Ultra Glaco Coating $39.99
Glaco Glass Compound $21.50
Ultra Glaco Coating $21.50

Canada $14.00
USA $13.00
Everywhere Else $13.00